Beginner’s Guide

It is said that Lawn Bowls is a game that can be played by anyone aged from nine to ninety and you can come across several nonagenarian players.

It does tend to have a crusty, ‘old people’s game’ image due largely to the use of sponsors like Saga,over 55’s insurance companies and funeral services.  The reality is somewhat different and at county level the average player’s age is probably somewhere in the thirties.

Competitive bowling can be an exhausting game and in matches players are expected to perform for three to four hours without a break.  During these games they can walk two or three miles and bend up and down about 100 times.  It’s no wonder that bowlers traditionally suffer from both back and knee injuries.  Add to that the concentration and effort required and you can see why we need a seat and a few beers after the match!

Like any sport, there are a lot of things to learn. So we’ve created this beginners guide to help get you bowling at Brockham Bowls Club.

Bowls Coaching

We also recommend that all players old and new take advantage of our free bowls coaching and have a look at these lawn bowls coaching videos produced by Bowls NZ, which are an excellent and interesting aid to good bowling.