The Green

A bowling green is normally square.  The rules say that it should be no less that 31 meters and no more than 40 metres in the direction of play.  In Brockham’s case, owing to the space limitation of the ground, the green is rectangular and therefore has 4 rinks.

The green should be surrounded by a ditch, which should be between 200mm and 380mm wide and between 50mm and 200mm deep.  The green is divided into rinks (usually 6) allowing six games to take place concurrently.  The rinks should be not less than 4.3 metres nor more that 5.8 metres wide.

Surface wear is spread by moving the rink setting laterally using a daily changing colour code, but still playing up and down. The code setting is shown on a calendar in Robins Nest.

Rink extremities are marked off by boundary markers with the centre of each being indicated by a ‘plate’ which also carries a number for the rink.  The rinks are numbered 1 through 4.  Players deliver their bowls from one end to another during an ‘end’ then, when the end is complete they turn around and play back again.

Green Etiquette

  • Always take care stepping onto and off the green.
  • When playing on the green it is advisable never to run.
  • The green, especially in wet conditions, can be very slippery and remember you are wearing smooth soled shoes.
  • When you are walking down the green to the ‘head’, please be aware of players on adjacent rinks and always walk around the ‘head’ – never through the ‘head’ and do not stop at the ‘head’ pointing at your and other bowls.
  • Your skip will be ready to bowl.
  • Always stand behind the back most bowl in the ‘head’.
  • The skips need to see all bowls and it will stop you tripping over or moving a bowl in the ‘head’.   If you move a bowl your opponent has the right to place it where they thought it was (right next to the jack).
  • If you are to play a bowl with extreme weight (i.e. fire) let all the players know.
  • Players should then stand on the bank as bowls can do a lot of damage to ankles.

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