Bowls Coaching

Free coaching is available to all new and existing members and this can be done on an individual basis or at planned coaching sessions arranged throughout the year.   For newcomers, equipment, in the first instance, will be provided and all that is asked is that you wear or bring along a pair of flat soled shoes or trainers for wearing when playing on the green.  The bowling season runs from mid April until the end of September.

The club has three Qualified English Bowls Coaches who have undertaken the necessary course to attain the required coaching standard.

To arrange coaching sessions, contact either Bob Gregory, Christine Knight or Lloyd Simpson, who will gladly assist in providing the necessary tuition.

It is recommended that all new bowlers arrange coaching sessions.

Bad bowling habits are easy to pick up but very difficult to get rid of.

 Video Coaching

We also recommend that all players old and new watch these lawn bowls coaching videos produced by Bowls NZ, these are an excellent and interesting aid to good bowling.

  1. Introduction
  2. Delivery
  3. Common Faults
  4. The Draw Shot
  5. Controlled Weighted Shot
  6. Run Shot
  7. Drive
  8. Drills
  9. Conclusion

Please note that each video ends promptly so you may prefer to view all videos one after the other directly on YouTube.