Types of Shots in Bowling

There are basically four different types of shot, or deliver in Lawn Bowling:

The Draw

A drawing Shot is the most common and it is really what the game is all about.

This shot is the one in which the player attempts to play with the exact weight required to finish closest to the jack or to a point on the green dictated by strategy or tactics.

This shot is often considered to be the most skilful.

The Yard On

The ‘Yard On’ shot is when the player plays his bowl with the weight that will carry it a yard or two past the target.

The objective of this shot is usually to drag the jack away from the opponent’s bowls towards your own or to push a bowl out of the ‘head’ and take its place.

The Running Shot or Ditch Length Shot

The Running Shot is one which uses more weight than the yard on.

The object of this shot is to remove opponent’s bowls from the head, to move the jack to the ditch or to seek some other result that required the bowl to be played with weight.  This can be a difficult shot to play as the line (bias) required to get to the target changes with different weight.

The Drive

The Drive (or firing) is probably the most spectacular shot on the bowling green.

A drive is when the player delivers the bowl at high speed and with maximum weight so that he can strike the head or the target with full force.

The object of this shot can be to completely remove opponent’s bowls from the head or from the rink or to drive the jack into the ditch.

It is also commonly used when a player has a few shots against him.
In this case the object is to destroy the head or to ‘burn’ or ‘kill’ the end by driving the jack out of the rink.

This can be a very effective and intimidating shot to have in your armoury but many players have difficulty controlling their direction when concentrating their efforts on so much weight.

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