Dress Code

Regulation bowling shoes with smooth flat soles MUST be worn at all times when on the green.

Club Polo shirts should be worn for all inter club matches, except where stated differently, together with grey or white bottoms which ever is specified on the match sheet.

Generally white bottoms are worn for daytime matches and grey is worn for evenings but check the match sheet or fixture cards.

Bottoms are bowls trousers for men and either skirts or trousers for ladies.

For other competitions generally white tops and grey bottoms are the order of the day.

For roll-ups and practice there is no specific dress code, but it should be smart casual dress.

Bowling shorts can be worn on the green, but for matches always check with the Captain that it is acceptable for that match.

For very special games, such as those against the Surrey Presidents Teams and Bowls England Teams, sports jackets and ties must be worn for the meal.

When playing for the club your bowls should have the club stickers (decals) on them.
This helps to quickly distinguish your bowls from the opposition.  These are available in the clubhouse.

Note:  only one set of stickers can be on a bowl.

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