Last Years Playing Season (2020)

Owing to the Coronavirus Pandemic, bowling activities were severely curtailed during the season. With a slight relaxation of the social distancing rules, we were able to conduct some internal competitions and re-introduce our Thurs night roll-ups. There was also scope for members to practice but all rinks needed to be booked to ensure numbers were not exceeded.

The outdoor season would normally have begun with an Opening Drive on about the third Saturday in April.  The green would then have fully open for bowling and fixtures began. The first club night would have been on Thursday 9th April and if conditions were suitable, practice would have begun.

An introduction to bowls in 2020 would have taken place on a Saturday chosen in April, May and June (dates would have been advised), for all to try their hand at bowling. The coaches and experienced members would have been present on those days and sessions would have started at 10.00 am.

The season normally ends with a Closing Drive on the third Saturday of September, although if the weather remained good the Grounds Committee may normally keep the green open for a week or so longer.

During the season if the weather was bad the Greens Manager would close the green, in consultation with the Captain or other committee member, in which case a notice will have been displayed to say ‘Green Closed no Bowling’.

If there was ever any doubt whether the green was playable, members would contact the Greens Manager on 01737 844442 or the Club Captain on 07810 515345.

On occasions certain rinks may have to be closed for play, either due to condition or being kept for specific matches.