Playing Season

The outdoor season proper begins with an Opening Drive on Saturday 29th April.  The green is then fully open for bowling and fixtures to begin. The first club night will be on Thursday 13th April and if conditions are suitable, practice can begin.

An introduction to bowls will take place this year on the Saturdays 22nd and 29th April and the 6th May, for all to try their hand at bowling. Experienced members will be present on those days and sessions start at 10.00 am.

The season normally ends with a Closing Drive on the third Saturday of September, although if the weather is good the Grounds Committee may keep the green open for a week or so longer.

During the season if the weather is bad the Ground Committee may close the green, in consultation with the Captain or other committee member, in which case a notice will be on the green to say ‘Green Closed no Bowling’.

If there is any doubt that the green is playable contact the Ground Committee, point of contact on 01737 844442.

On occasions certain rinks may be closed for play, either due to condition or being kept for specific matches.